Friday, November 25, 2005

Fake blogs

The follow up with the previous post, this article talks about the problem of fake blogs.

Fake blogs are those automatically created blogs with the sole purpose to serve ads or boost PR of another site. This file is a list of fake blogs, updated weekly.

Because the process of setting up a blog is so quick and easy that even machines
can do it, fake blogs are getting to be a real problem. These blogs get content
from other blogs and contain no original content.

Monday, November 21, 2005

Machines and objects to overtake humans on the Internet

Machines will overtake humans to become the biggest users of the Internet
in a brave new world of electronic sensors, smart homes, and tags that track
users’ movements and habits, the UN’s telecommunications agency predicted.

And let's not forget to mention robots that create web content and web crawlers that should be more and more widely used as the technology become accessible to everyone.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Pictures that talk to you

"Start-up's technology allows sound to be recorded and printed with digital photos. HP has similar plans."


Really cool idea.
The problem is that the info is encoded on a black strip on the side of the photo :(. IT's like selling a photo plus a cassette...

Don't we know it is possible to hide information in pictures like in this story where a printer encodes its UID and the date, or these secret messages sent by modifying the least significant bit of each pixel?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Koders plugin for Eclipse (beta 2)

The Beta 2 version of the Koders plugin for Eclipse is available! Sweet addition to any IDE (it is offered for VS too). It allows searching code in one click.

Koders is a large repository of open source code in many languages. This "source code optimized search engine provides developers with an easy-to-use interface to search for source code examples and discover new open source projects which can be leveraged in their applications."

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Google Base: Organized Anarchy

The Google Base service is now online.
It is nothing and everything at the same time.

You can post your last novel, your last recipe or your next party invitation.
You can sell your old hockey cards, your old car or you brand new iPod Nano.

You simply have to stick to some fields that are everything but static. No fixed category (enters yours if you mind), no fixed attributes (declare your own attribute and value pairs)..

At first glance, it might looks like a competition agains eBay but there no auction there.

If Google achieves user acceptance, it might discover an interesting emerging system of categories and item descriptors (and show more ads).

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sony + Our Lady Peace + XCP rootkit = boycott

I bought the latest Our Lady Peace a month ago and I listen to it as my coding companion since then. I was aware the CD has installed little program to enable playing it.. It even forced me to listen to the CD on MS Media Player instead of WinAmp!

But now we learn that the software is rootkit-like and it is not possible to remove it from the control panel. Trojan horse was even found exploiting this vulnerability. Yurk.

- Microsoft announced it will release a XCP remover as part of its AntiSpyware suite.

- Sony also offers program to remove XCP. But I don't trust them anymore.

Sorry Sony, Sorry OLP. I will not do business with you again.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Creating tag clouds using automatic keyphrase extraction

I had this simple idea to automate the creation of tag clouds using a keyphrase extraction system.

Here's the tag cloud for my blog:

Tag cloud demo based on Pythonner Zone! web site (207 pages):

adware · api · auction · automating · automating copernic enterprise · balie · balie balie tech · balie carnet techno · balie site search · blog · blog québec urbain · blog search engine · blogroll google blog · browser · bugs · carnet techno site · code searchengine · coffee · computers · copernic desktop search · copernic meta · coups · creative commons license · custom · cycling · design · desktop search · diluting · dock · download · engine watch psssst · entry · extract · friend · gajit · gmail · gmail account · google · google blog québec · home blogroll google · ide · information revolution · int · internet · ipo · java · jyve · language · langue balie code · launch · license · loop · microsoft · mozilla · news · optical illusions · outlook · pay · planet · posts · private · profiling · prompt · public void · pythonner · pythonner zone · quebec · query · québec urbain · québec urbain alterconsos · radio · rank · registry · report · report code searchengine · rss · réverbère · réverbère search engine · réverbère topix blog · science · script · search engine · search engine watch · sedna · site search · skype · span · spyware · string · tag · technology · translate · uim · wal-mart · web pythonner zone · web traffic analysis · window · xml · xsl · yahoo

Last update: 2005-11-10T12:59:51Z

The most intersting part is that Jean Veronis had the same idea at the same time!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Top 10 Software Bugs

from Wired:

Last months, Toyota announced a recall of 160,000 buggy Prius.
This is a spectacular example of software bugs..

Wired list the top 10 of all time ;)

Here is my favorite:

In a series of accidents, therapy planning software created by Multidata
Systems International, a U.S. firm, miscalculates the proper dosage of radiation
for patients undergoing radiation therapy.
At least eight patients die, while another 20 receive overdoses likely to
cause significant health problems. The physicians, who were legally required to
double-check the computer's calculations by hand, are indicted for murder.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

The new Coffee-Beer

Do your preferred beverages are coffee and beer?

For many of us, the ideal day starts with a large coffee and ends by a cold beer. The perferct wake-up / cool down combo.

Nestle just invented the "Coffee-Beer"!

"Nestec, part of the Nestlé empire in Switzerland, has filed patents in every
major market round the world on a "fermented coffee beverage" that pours and
foams like beer, but smells of strong coffee and packs a concentrated
kick. "

Note that the beverage is non-alcoholic.